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Fiber Optics Solutions

Fiber Optics Solutions are solutions which are based on the technology of fiber optics.

That is the technology which uses light to transmit huge bulk of data with the very fast speeds. These solutions have managed to transform entirely how organisations connect to the internet, how they enable communication and how they promote collaboration.

Providing complete fiber optics solutions are the key goals of RedMax Technologies. Whether the solution calls for fiber optic internet with dedicated internet access up to 10 Gbps and symmetrical connectivity or for high precision interconnect or complex optical switching designs or for cloud services and managed service networks which include managed Wi-Fi for business or for any other turnkey services any fiber optic system needs, Redmax engineers have the expertise, the know-how and the experience to solve and/or develop fiber optic system solutions for any application required. Furthermore, even produces customized-length fiber optic patch cords and pigtails and assembles all types of fiber optics cables and connectors, at its own local assembly facility, offering fast and effective support when needed.
RedMax Technologies offers Fiber Optics Solutions for the Business, the Home, the Room and even the Boat.

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