Internet Trends Report: Not a lot of surprises. By Kris Kozamchak


 17 September 2018 Internet Trends Report: Not a lot of surprises. By Kris Kozamchak

As I ordered my daughter’s dress for a wedding off Amazon, confirmed my online monthly order of essential oils, renewed our vehicle registration online, and downloaded my data history from Facebook, I thought about a recent report I read. The 2018 Internet Trends Report, released by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, had some interesting observations that related to my everyday use of the Internet.

Not surprising is the daily media usage by adults, which is 5.9 hours per day with 3.3 hours on mobile, 2.1 on a desktop/laptop and .06 on other connected devices. When I analyzed my day, I found that I started at home on my smartphone checking work email first thing when I woke up, then personal email and finally a quick check of social media- all before 6:30 a.m.! Between work and personal emails, texts, online research for work, and other social media, I easily accounted for almost 6 hours of media time. 


Going Faster with iFOSC. By Timothy Schuett


 05 July 2018 Going Faster with iFOSC. By Timothy Schuett

The phrase, “need for speed,” is often associated with a certain movie. It is also a true statement in the current environment multi-service operators (MSO) are facing in keeping up with their customers’ bandwidth demands. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and streaming video all contribute to the need for increased speed and bandwidth. All of this is driving new next-generation networks that are changing the landscape of traditional hybrid fiber coax (HFC) and passive optical networks (PON).

Some of the network applications which support these networks include business class services like Metro E, node+0 (fiber deep) and Remote PHY. One thing they all have in common is increased fiber demand. This means pushing fiber deeper through installation of additional fiber optic cables, and perhaps most importantly, an increased utilization of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology and products


India Connects the World with Fibre Innovation. By Gavin Milton-White



 08 June 2018 India Connects the World with Fibre Innovation. By Gavin Milton-White

Everyone has their own interpretation of a ‘modern distraction.’ If you search the internet, you’ll find images featuring the logos of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with the title, ‘weapons of mass distraction’.

We are fighting modern distraction every day. For instance, we become glued to videos and games during uneventful social gatherings, shop online even when we’re surrounded by dozens of retailers in a shopping centre (Read: The Shopping Habits of Millennial Women), and obsessively text on WhatsApp or WeChat, ignoring our physical surroundings.